Imagine a mirror image of the city, as a circus; a place where horrors and pleasures permeate the senses. The absurd borrows from the everyday to present the circus. Reflecting the absurdities and oddities of city life, an eclectic group of artists will create surprises, spectacles, distortions, illusions

The city falls and gets up each day. So that we don’t miss the humor, so that we register failures, so that we resist, to awaken, to find new ways of seeing. As the city walks on a TightRope (spreadsheet, opens in new tab), we imagine the circus as scaffolding where stories, ideas, desire are suspended in disbelief. Featuring theater performances, movement, mural painting, shadow puppetry, art installations and workshops, this circus will come alive in a public playground. We will build the circus and leave you to experience and speculate.

Check out workshops held in the Circus (pdf, opens in new tab)